An Apple A Day

Time slips by quickly and suddenly it is night, or tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Time slips by quickly and we are left spinning, thrown from its grasp and wondering if ever it will slow, if ever we can hold it.
It doesn’t. So we grasp it ourselves. We run to catch up, we slow to catch breath, and we make time, if not longer, at least more meaningful.
We start a busy Sunday with a trip to an orchard; we revel in the sun and the breeze, we taste sweet apples, floral ones. We fill bags with precious cargo and think of what’s to come, perhaps on a less busy day: apple butter, apple fritters, apple pie. Some, we promise the little one, we will save for eating.
She is satisfied then, and so are we. We return home with pounds and pounds of apples, a day’s heavy haul, and memories that will carry us through the week, the work and the daily grind.
It might only be an apple a day. But that, I realize, is enough.

fall foliage

a bushel and a peck

golden delicious

apple lined pathways

reaching sky high

midday sparkle

a day's haul

low hanging fruit

2 responses to “An Apple A Day”

  1. Beautiful, Chaya. What wonderful writing. Apple picking is one of my favorite things to do from growing up. I’ve been having the same sentiments as you lately. Time seems to be the only thing that matters, the most limited of resources. I’m always scrambling and worried about running out. It must be something about fall. Actually, the reason I’m here is that I”m thinking of stealing your “Six impossible things” mantra. Last night I was feeling a little blue after a wonderful weekend and I thought about 6 impossible things that I’m grateful for. Apples and fall are one of them. I hope you’re doing well. You’ve been making some awesome fall treats lately. Sorry I’ve been remiss in the commenting, it’s just been so hectic these days. Be well!

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! No worries. It’s been really busy here too, and I always wish I had more time for commenting. But then, time is scarce isn’t it? Some days, it’s just about fitting in the basics. Anyway, great idea about the six impossible things! I think doing something like that, counting your blessings with real intention, transforms every day just a little bit. It’s about making the mundane a little more special. I used to write lists of things I’m grateful for. I guess this series has replaced that, but I should really do it with more frequency. Hope you’re doing well! ❤

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