Dressed Up Dresser

The top of my dresser is full of little knick-knacks that serve no real purpose besides for decoration. But I do make sure to have a few things that I use on a daily basis within reach, so that I don’t need to constantly take things out of draws and containers and then inevitably forget to replace them.
The key to being able to keep stuff laying around while still making everything look coordinated is simple: think pretty, and think decor. If you need a notebook to make lists in, don’t buy any random white notepad. Instead, go out of your way to find one that matches the colors of your room, or one that brightens up a dreary to-do list. The same goes for pens, candles, and other neccessities. Below are a few of my favorites and if you have any tips for keeping surfaces organized, I’d love to hear about them!

dressed up dresser

∞ Anthropologie glasses, Swarovski pen, journal ∞

dressed up dresser

∞ Perfume that’s light enough to wear every day, best nude lipgloss, and moisturizing balm 

dressed up dresser

∞ A clean and floral scented candle ∞

dressed up dresser

∞ Earring and necklace holders (can you tell I’m into gold jewelry?) ∞

2 responses to “Dressed Up Dresser”

  1. wow! this is absolutely perfect. Every girl should own these things and have them in reach.
    my stuff gets so cluttered i need my own retrochaya to come organize my things for me 😉

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