Setting the Scene

Throughout September and October, I’ve been snapping away, trying to capture the little details, whether it’s a quiet moment in the backyard, or a pretty scene at the side of the road. This way, as November begins and fall fades away, I’ll be able to remember the colorful, leaf filled landscape when winter’s bleak and gray one comes to take its place.

crab-apple trees

∞ Early afternoon in the backyard ∞

full moon

∞ A full moon revealed by the parting of the clouds ∞

poison berries

∞ Yew berries and pine needles ∞


∞ I love how this fire illuminates the whole black background ∞

penn state

∞ On a drive through Pennsylvania, this pretty field beckoned ∞


∞ A rustic streetlamp near a forest ∞

red leaf

∞ One red leaf among a bunch of green ones ∞

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