Northern Lights

Just last week, I spent a week in the north at a lovely beach-side hotel. We’d get up early in the mornings, enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast with everything from regional cheeses and shakshuka to the butteriest brioche rolls and then head out to visit multiple stops on our itinerary.
We did everything from walking through artists’ quarters to touring wine country to horseback riding on the mountains, and each night, sufficiently tired, we’d collapse in bed (only after sampling some of the region’s best street-fare!) to recharge for the next day.
It was quite hot, but the combination of palm trees, fruit orchards, lakes and ice cream more than made up for that. Here are some pictures of my favorite moments from our trip.
xx, Chaya


∞ One of our first stops on the trip was this beach, which was secluded, quiet, and beautiful ∞


∞ There was an abundance of fresh fruit all around (grown locally by farmers). Pictured here are dates, bananas, mangoes, and prickly pear ∞


∞  Ancient ruins on the beach that provided great photo opportunities ∞

charming terrace

∞ While taking a rest from our drive to explore a little town, we spotted this sweet and charming dining area on a mountaintop ∞


∞ Scenes from our tour of the Golan Winery ∞

artists' quarter

∞ Sweet little souvenirs from the artists quarter; I picked up a delicate gold bracelet and two colorful, handmade glass candle holders ∞

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