Via Flowers

It’s officially Summer and we couldn’t be happier! We’re both on vacation, and while we’ll be relaxing our regular posting schedule a little, we’re still going to keep you updated and post new content.
Flowers are something that I think make everyone feel both luxurious and comfortable, and one of the first things I noticed about Jerusalem was how they’re everywhere; they’re shockingly vivid in color, hanging abundantly from almost every porch, and adorning most trees and lampposts.
My favorites right now are anemone, poppies, Juliet roses, (and obviously, lilies) but here’s a little glimpse of what I’m seeing, whether it’s amongst palm trees and motorcycles, or in hidden alleyways.
Happy weekend!
x, Chaya

yellow roses

∞ Yellow roses that are near perfect- and remarkably reminiscent of these ∞

purple flowers

∞ I’m currently wearing an almost exact same shade of this color on my nails ∞

graffiti flower

∞ The contrast between the graffiti and the flower is common here, where there’s both old and new ∞

light blue

∞ These are my favorite so far; a light, pastel color that’s sweet and summery ∞

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