Day in NYC

After having planned this for a while, me and my mom took a day off and spent some time together in New York City.
We did all the things we never have time to do; we went leisure shopping for fall, sat down and ordered drinks in Starbucks, walked into a vintage jewelry shop, bought fun eye shadow palettes at Urban Outfitters and ate lunch at an authentic Italian pizza joint.
It was great to just relax together and talk, and we’re already planning another exciting day together.

∞ A Godiva Chocolatier fills and decorates fresh berry truffles ∞

∞ One of the slices we tried was a fresh, vegetable laden Focaccia pizza with a New York style crust ∞

∞  We loved this artsy, unique gallery wall in Anthropologie ∞

∞ A colorful e.l.f. palette from Urban Outfitters we bought on a whim ∞

Do you have any suggestions for where we should go next? Comment if you know of a good boutique, eatery, or city to visit!

4 responses to “Day in NYC”

  1. yay!! i’m so excited for you!! i was in bravo on Thursday is that when you were there i can’t believe we missed you

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