Six Impossible Things

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” – White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.
Six impossibly awesome things.

I can’t believe it’s already March! While my birthday month always seems to sneak up on me, this year’s been a little crazier than usual: I had jaw surgery almost two weeks ago, so its arrival feels even more sudden than usual.
While Spring is taking its sweet time arriving, I’ve been recovering indoors. The past two weeks have flown by in a haze of sleep and painkillers- I barely remember most of what happened, which is probably for the best, ha. But this week has been easier. I started eating soft foods (hello, blended macaroni?!), which sounds exceedingly boring, but to be honest, has been the most exciting thing to happen this week. Small steps!                                                                    I’m spending this time doing lots of reading and writing, and venturing outside for fresh air. I’m talking small trips- yesterday I took a walk near the Hudson River, and today I stopped in at a local juice place. My energy is still way down and I have to remind myself to take it slow. Which is a good motto for life in general- realistically, no one goes from 0 to 100 real quick 🙂 I still have a long way to go in terms of recovery but so far, everything is going really well and as I expected, which I’m really grateful for.
In other news, my birthday’s coming up, and then Purim’s next, so I hope to be back in the kitchen soon, baking some treats for the season.
Enjoy the good weather and have a wonderful week! And let me know what’s been happening in your life lately in the comments below.

pressed ranunculus

∞ These ranunculus from a get well bouquet were too pretty to throw out, so I’m pressing them between the pages of a cookbook ∞

lone seagull

∞ A lone seagull at the pier, from my walk yesterday ∞

cookie making

∞ Cookie making scene from a few weeks ago ∞

spring ranunculus

∞ This light, bright and springy bouquet is getting me excited for the blooms to come! ∞

blood oranges + kumquats

∞ My cousin introduced me to kumquats and I fell in love with their tiny size and sour tang. We’re eating lots of citrus these days, including blood oranges! ∞

raspberry studded brownies

∞ I studded these incredibly fudgy (ok, and slightly underbaked!) brownies with raspberries and they turned jammy and sweet during baking. To make them, double Alice Medrich’s brownie recipe, add 4 oz. of chopped chocolate to the batter and top with 1 cup of raspberries before baking. ∞

5 responses to “Six Impossible Things”

  1. I love these posts! They remind you to be mindful of the joyful things even when, or especially when you’re not feeling 100% yourself. I’ve had a cold for a week. And I miss posting. This is a great way to connect. Glad your surgery went well. Lots to look fwd to with Purim and bdays! Xo

    • yes, that’s exactly why I do these posts! they totally remind me to enjoy the little things, and put me in a mind frame where I’m always on the lookout for sweet, pretty things/scenes. hope you get well quick- looks like we both have some recovering to do this week! xx Chaya

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