Six Impossible Things

Happy Monday! We’re in Mystic, Connecticut for a short vacation this week and I can’t wait to explore all the town has to offer. I’m looking forward to relaxing by the beach, taking boat rides out on the ocean, and soaking up some sun.
Hope you all have a wonderful week and make the most of the rest of Summer!

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” – White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.
Six impossibly awesome things.

street succulents

∞ Love the bright, colorful succulents from Manhattan’s Flower District ∞

gallery wall

∞ A shot from one of the galleries my photography class visited in Chelsea ∞

crusty baguette loaves

∞ Delicious looking baguettes/breadsticks from Bryant Park ∞

late season rhubarb

∞ Washing some late season rhubarb for pie! ∞                 

brazen peacock

∞ A beautiful, brazen peacock from a recent visit to the Zoo ∞

bright yellow peaches

∞ Piles of bright yellow peaches destined for a crumble ∞

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