The NYC Highline

Not many words today. There is a hammock outside and it is calling my name, and this glorious August afternoon is too pretty to waste indoors.
So I am leaving you with a few pictures instead. The Highline is the perfect place to spend a glorious August afternoon, or any afternoon, really. It straddles the line between urban and almost rural; there is enough greenery to get lost in, and wild flowers and ivy and heady butterflies, but it is also surrounded by the noise of downtown Manhattan, with views of Chelsea’s swanky art galleries and grungy building walls and there is more than enough graffiti to remind you that you are not, after all, in rural anywhere.
It is just a little escape. A little time out from hectic city life. Something we could all use, once in a while.  Wouldn’t you agree?

ivy covered

∞ Ivy covered walls. My favorite. ∞

bee still

∞ Nectar extraction ∞

chelsea brick

∞ Leading lines on this Chelsea wall ∞

contrasting leaves

∞ Green leaves I want to plant everywhere! ∞

window wash

∞ Symmetrical beauty in the gritty details ∞

delicate wings

∞ Butterflies abound at the Highline. Aren’t they magical? ∞

window pair

∞ Windows are always better in twos. ∞

echinacea flowers

∞ Echinacea flowers in the most delightful, scattered pattern ∞

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