Goals. We all have them. Maybe you want to climb Mt. Everest. (I did, at one point.) Maybe you want to write a best-selling novel. Maybe you have goals as simple as “learn how to make a pie crust” or “wake up on time for the bus”.
Whatever your goals are, make sure you have them. Even if it’s only two. Even if it’s just one!
Here are my goals for this summer. They are fun and uncomplicated and hopefully, some of these goals will get repeated more than once. Like fruit picking and ice cream making. Because you can’t ever have enough fruit and ice cream, am I right?!
I’m off to fulfill some more of my goals. Tell me if you have anything special planned for this summer! My #summergoals could always use additions. And one last thing! I’m taking a photography course at FIT this July and plan on spending a lot of time in the city. If you have any recommendations for places I should go to/see/shop at, let me know!
Ok, now I’m going to go make some ice cream.


  1. sell pies sold my first (blueberry) pie on July 17th!
  2. go to a rooftop party in the city
  3. make salted caramel ice cream David Lebovitz’s recipe, of course. July 22.
  4. write every day
  5. plant herbs and tomatoes
  6. find good falafel in NYC Moshe’s Falafel truck- July 21, Pitopia Falafel- July 23. Still want to try: Taim + Maoz 
  7. go fruit picking went sour cherry picking on a farm, July 5
  8. swim a mile
  9. make Tartine Croissants done, done and enjoyed with jam. July 2  
  10. find the perfect brownie recipe
  11. have a cookie off between the NYTSeven Spoons and NWS chocolate chip cookies results are in! Check this post. August 1
  12. take photography classes at FIT happening now! July 6 – July 23
  13. make sourdough pizza ready for a repeat, with maybe some small changes! August 4
  14. visit somewhere new Dumbo, Brooklyn, which is the cutest little neighborhood! July 9
  15. go to a drive-in theater
  16. make strawberry shortcakes sweet biscuits + vanilla whipped cream + fresh strawberries = magic! July 23
  17. go to a concert in the city

2 responses to “#SummerGoals”

  1. I love this list. It sounds doable. Falafel at Mamouns might work for #6 or Soom Soom. There’s a drive in at my hometown of Warwick, NY about an hour from NYC, north. And if you sell pies, I’m buying! xo

    • I’m definitely going to check those places out. I also heard of a place called nish nush- apparently they have really good vegetarian/Mediterranean food, so I’m excited to try it out. And maybe one day I’ll get to Warwick, if just for the drive in! It’s on my list. I’ll let you know more. 🙂
      Also, if I sell even one pie, I will be a happy girl! There’s something satisfying about the thought of being able to make a lot of pie, and having other people enjoy it. I hope it works out!! xx

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