Six Impossible Things

Hi everyone! I’m back from a wonderful Shavuos/Memorial Day break. We enjoyed a relaxing holiday with beautiful weather and I managed to sneak in some naps, re-read a bunch of old food magazines that we dug up and hang out with friends and family. We ate great food, like salted caramel blintzes, cereal milk ice cream, and multiple slices of cheesecake, and I also got to spend some time in the kitchen cooking dishes from some of my beloved cookbooks.
Speaking of cookbooks, I’m finally starting to build up a collection. Each cookbook I’ve added to my bookshelf so far has been completely inspiring and filled with recipes I’ll make again and again. There’s Smitten Kitchen (we love the salads, desserts and mains), Tartine Bread (which is my sourdough go-to), Seven Spoons (it inspired this and this), the nostalgia-inducing Jerusalem, and my latest addition, Big Gay Ice Cream.*
The latter is especially timely as I just bought a new ice-cream maker and can’t wait to experiment with ice cream making this summer. With recipes like fig + olive oil sundaes, a spicy chocolate “awesome sauce” and humorous anecdotes throughout, I already know I’ll be using it a lot.
One of my favorite parts of the book is the page of pairing suggestions they have at the beginning for three basic ice cream flavors: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. If you know me, you know I love my ice cream with alll the toppings, so this section was like my personal heaven. The ideas range from wacky (jalapenos + fresh tarragon) to classy (cacao nibs + malt balls) but all in all, they’re creative and inspiring me to up my ice cream game.
I’ll probably try their Bea Arthur (dulce de leche) cone first- or maybe the Mermaid (key lime) sundae. Honestly, ice cream decisions have never been harder.
In other news: I got a haircut! For what feels like my entire life, I’ve struggled with my wavy/huge/sometimes curly hair, but I finally found a wonderful salon: Ouidad in Manhattan. They cut curly hair in a special way, and with a deep conditioning treatment, a slew of new products that actually work (!!) and some genius tips, my hair has never looked better. Frizz inducing summer days, I’m coming at you!
So, to end off. It’s been quite a week and I think this post makes up for not posting a Six Impossible Things in a while- although I have so many more pictures I want to share! I hope you’re all doing well and soaking in the season- I’m looking forward to eating so many cherries and and spending lots of time at the pool.
Have a great weekend!

*I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my unbiased review. All the other listed cookbooks were purchased and I was not given a free copy/any incentive to endorse those.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” – White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.
Six impossibly awesome things.

peony unfurling

∞ A peony unfurling in the neighbor’s backyard ∞

cookbook collection

∞ A burgeoning cookbook collection. My favorites right now are BGIC, Seven Spoons and Jerusalem. ∞


∞ Watching my sister attempt to eat one of these giant lollipops brought back memories from my childhood, when these were the biggest treat around. ∞

Fake Shack Burger

∞ For National Burger Day yesterday, I made these epic Fake Shack Burgers. They were devoured and are going to be our barbecue staple this summer! ∞

playing with fire

∞ Playing with fire (AKA tiki torches) at a recent barbecue with friends ∞

cherry love

∞ Cherries! ∞

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