Six Impossible Things

Last week was one of those weeks when everything just aligned. I organized my room, made a pile of clothing to donate, and did a little DIY project to spruce things up. I also finally got Tartine’s bread book, a dutch oven and a kitchen scale, and with those implements, succeeded in making amazing sourdough bread- complete with a crispy crust, open crumb, and chewy, custard-y texture. But perhaps the best part of last week was being featured on Food & Wine’s Instagram account with my Valentine’s Day Donuts and then on HuffPost Taste’s Instagram with my Lemon Meringue Pie and Everyday Chocolate Cake! I’m still a little shocked (and beyond elated!), but it just shows me that hard work pays off, something I’ll definitely remember in the future.
Here’s to seeing the fruits of our labor! And here’s to the things I’m loving right now.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” – White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.
Six impossibly awesome things.

diy gold print

∞ A new DIY gold foil print to glam up a corner in my room ∞

blood orange love

∞ After tasting my first blood orange, I’m hooked- they’re super tart, taste like raspberries, and are ombrè, to boot! ∞

fairy lights at night

∞ Best way to instantly spruce up any room- fairy lights! ∞

tartine country loaf

∞ First slice of my Tartine Country loaf ∞

color coded

∞ Color coded tops and velvet hangers to organize my closet ∞


∞ Pomegranate leftovers from making colored salt for these donuts ∞


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