Six Impossible Things

I spent the end of this week sick in bed, unable to get anything done besides for empty a box of tissues, drink chicken soup, and watch Netflix. I’d always secretly wanted to spend a day doing absolutely nothing, but it got old fast, and I can’t wait to feel better and be productive again. In the meantime, Winter Storm Juno failed to make the grand entrance that we all prepared for, but it resulted in a snow day and pancakes, which is completely fine by me. East coasters, enjoy the day off!

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” – White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.
Six impossibly awesome things.

dried mushrooms

∞ Dried mushrooms for infusing in oil with garlic ∞

pine trees + blue sky

∞ Tall pine trees + a bright blue sky on a beautiful winter day ∞

salted chocolate chip cookies

∞ The best chocolate chip cookies there are- recipe coming soon! (No really, this time I mean it) ∞


∞ Some timely writing advice from one of the greats ∞

birthday cake

∞ Birthday cake making and recipe testing  ∞


∞ Snow covered lawn and rail, thanks to Winter Storm Juno  ∞

2 responses to “Six Impossible Things”

  1. LOVE your 6 impossible things. Love it. And I’m totally enjoying working from home. Made eggs with wild mushrooms for breakfast…coffee in my mug. I’m on the couch as we speak!

    • Thanks Amanda! I love hearing from you! Aren’t snow days the best? I either end up binge watching way too much TV or baking. Hard to have a better day 😉

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