The January Doldrums

The months have a feel to me, each one as unique and different as the next. March is fresh with cold, but also with the promise of spring. October is like cinnamon, and full of cold air, crunchy leaves, and shedding trees. December feels warm and exciting; the anticipation of snow is still great.
Then comes January. January is like a marathon, a race that never ends, and a trail that looks maddeningly similar from one mile to the next. January is when the snow is slushy and gray, and the wind no longer feels luxuriously cool, but frighteningly cruel. January is the doldrums.
I can count the temperature outside on one hand, all the while hoping for warmer, more exciting days. I wonder if we will have enough snow to warrant a snow-day and if it’s acceptable to be baking as much as I am. (Survival tactics, you understand.) I think about the days left until Spring’s arrival, and until then…
life goes on.


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