I Believe in Wanderlust

I don’t think life is meant to be lived under one roof, in one country. I think it is meant to be experienced, to be relished, in far-off places and in little corners, with firsthand experiences of colorful cultures, and traditions far different from your own.
I think life is meant to be an adventure, filled with too little sleep and too much coffee, jetlag and insatiable wanderlust, exploration and travel.

I spent these past three weeks in Switzerland (a, short but sweet 3 day trip) and in Israel (the rest of the trip). It was incredible; partly because both countries have so much to offer- the scenery! the food! the sights!- and partly because I have deep ties to both places, having grown up in Switzerland and having spent 2 months living in Israel last year.
My trip was beautiful. I got to spend the holidays with my wonderful extended family, and we went on some amazing trips together, like jeeping at sunset through wine country, riding camels in the desert, navigating the local markets, and exploring museums. I visited all of my favorite spots from last year, and a few new ones, took thousands of pictures, and fell even more deeply in love with the country, if at all possible.
It passed by way too quickly, and only strengthened my belief in travel, because why should we let such a beautiful and multi-hued world exist under our very noses without being discovered? Why should we while away our time in the same place, under the same roof, when the monotony is just begging to be broken? Life should be vibrant and loud and never staid and well explored from every angle.
Here is just a glimpse of some of the scenes I captured, and of some of the memories I’ll keep on coming back to. I plan to do another post entirely about food (really, how could I not?!) and about the culture and people. Until then, ciao! Jetlag is doing me in.
xx, Chaya

bright sky

∞ A perfectly sunny day through the shade of the leaves ∞

birds in flight

∞ Birds in flight, in monochrome ∞

houses on houses

∞ Rows upon rows of houses, with various colorful accents ∞


∞ Droplets splashing at a serene waterfall behind rocks and long reeds ∞

golden israel

∞ A glorious view of some of Jerusalem atop a hill ∞

oil press

∞ An oil press sign in the Old City of Jerusalem ∞

hanging flowers

∞ Pale lavender flowers hanging from dark green foliage at the Jerusalem Zoo ∞


∞ A couple of palm trees against a bright blue sky ∞

flower garden

∞ While running up staircases between alleyways, we discovered this beautiful, carefully cultivated garden ∞

the western wall

∞ Thousandes of people gathering to hear Birchat Kohanim at the Western Wall ∞

8 responses to “I Believe in Wanderlust”

    • Right? I love it too! Most of Jerusalem is really hilly, so there are a lot of neighborhoods built on a slant, and I find that look really beautiful.

  1. This is so beautiful. I’d love to go to both places one day. I kind of agree with you about wanderlust. Sigh. When I can’t transport myself, I try to channel other places through my food.

    • Same here! I visited Italy once when I was very young, but I’d love to visit again, so until that happens, I kinda recreate it in my kitchen 🙂

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