Zurich Aesthetic

I’m finally in Switzerland! Zurich, to be exact, and I couldn’t be happier.
It’s been four years since I was last here, and not much has changed. The grocery still makes delicious fresh bread, the trams still arrive exactly on the dot, and the bikes are still ever-present.
It’s comforting to know that I can return to my childhood home so many years later and know that everything still look the same as in my memory, although there’s certainly a disconnect between what I see and what I remember, almost as if everything in my memory happened to a different person.
Regardless, I’m enjoying being back here, even if it’s only for a couple of days. I spent today eating a good Swiss breakfast (bread, cheese, butter and jam) and then taking a long walk around the neighborhood. Zurich is unique in the fact that it manages to combine a thoroughly clean and modern aesthetic with a somewhat romantic, European one. There are gothic-style balconies with overflowing trellises situated right near glass buildings and there are colorful, pastel-painted apartments wedged in between darker, monochrome ones.
I loved being a tourist in what used to be my city, and walking up and down the cobblestone streets on an overcast day with only my camera and a leather backpack in hand was a great way to re-live everything that I love about Switzerland.

colored buildings

bench + trellis

pink dahlias

contrast window

blue walls

wild roses

vine covered windows

medieval buildings

flower garden

haiku garden


4 responses to “Zurich Aesthetic”

  1. Such a lovely city. I had to laugh about the “on time” stereotype when we were there a few years back. We called for our rental car and the lady said, “I’ll be there in 4-1/2 minutes.” And she was. On the dot. Safe travels!

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