2 Year Anniversary

Two years ago, on May 7th, I began Retrolillies. I wanted to create a place where I could indulge in food, fashion and photography, but I never imagined that I would actually have and maintain a blog for two years! Since then, I’ve learned a lot (like, for example, that flash-illuminated pictures are really unflattering) but all jokes aside, this has blossomed into something that I really enjoy. I can’t wait to continue improving and putting more, better posts out and I hope you’ll keep visiting this space! Thank you all for your kind comments, enthusiastic responses and most of all, for your continued support. I truly appreciate it.
<3, Chaya

Click on the pictures below to see some of my favorite posts this year!

peach crostata
valentine's postcard
cropped + printed
pain au chocolat
 windy city
strawberry tartliberty blossoms2
DIY painted bottles vases

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