Painted Bottle Vases

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much I love flowers. Whether they’re peonies, anemones, or english roses, I believe that even the smallest bouquet has the ability to transform a room into a bright, airy space.
Last spring, I made simple flower filled mugs to decorate the house and loved the homey look that they provided. But this time, I wanted to make something slightly more involved- painted bottle vases.
Using inspiration from pictures I curated online, I spray painted two wine bottles and filled them with my favorite flower as of late, tulips. The combination of a white, tapered vase and small white flowers is not only visually exciting, but it strikes a perfect balance between rustic and chic. These vases are easy, doable and lovely for spring- just fill them with your favorite flower and they’ll instantly liven up any room, table or spring gathering.

DIY painted bottles vases

  • wine bottles, beer bottles, glass jars
  • white or pastel spray paint
  • favorite spring flowers, such as tulips

1. Soak your bottles in a warm bath of soapy water for an hour and a half. This ensures that the paper labels will peel off easily.

2. As soon as the bottles have finished soaking, remove the labels. Try to be thorough so that the spray will adhere nicely. Wash the bottles in the sink and dry very well.

3. According to spray paint directions, apply the first layer of paint. It will be streaky, but make sure that you spray all the angles. Five minutes later, apply the second layer. Let dry according to paint directions. Fill with water and flowers.
bottle top

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