Sweet Memories

Now that winter has really set in (last I checked, the weather was 6 degrees) and the January work onslaught has begun, I’m starting to feel a longing for summer.
It’s not just the sun that I crave. I want the careless freedom that comes with summer, too. I keep thinking back to those long, leisurely days I spent in Israel this past summer, and the one thing that stands out most in my mind is the relaxed atmosphere that pervaded our trip.
I could sure use some of that relaxation right now.
Instead, to cope, I’m drinking copious amounts of green tea and relying on little things, like family birthdays and this blog to spice up my bleak calendar.
January does seem endless now. But as I look through my pictures from this summer, I know that spring and then summer, will be here in the blink of an eye. I’m just waiting for it to happen!
xx, Chaya

lily pads

∞ Lilypads from a visit to the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens 

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