I’m usually a very scheduled and detail oriented person, needing to know exactly what’s happening. But sometimes, I find that the best way to relax can be to simply let go, and take everything as it comes.
In what’s become a yearly tradition, my family takes a trip to NYC, where I usually plan so much to do, that we’re busy running around trying to stay on schedule. This year however, we decided to take it slower. Instead of going all over the city, we checked out the windows on 5th Avenue, had coffee in the Trump Tower, and ogled in the jewels in Tiffany’s. While it wasn’t as minutely planned as usual, I found that I had even more fun this way, and I can’t wait for our next trip.
xx, Chaya

ps: If you have any good recommendations for places to go next time, let me know!


∞ A rippled sky + last birds making their getaway ∞


∞ Love this glamorous sign against the wall ∞

jeweled windows

∞ I’m obsessed with these jeweled Henri Bendel windows ∞


∞ Gifts galore at Tiffany’s and Co ∞


∞ String lights all over the city that were beautiful when lit up at night ∞

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One thought on “NYC Day

  1. We’d imagine NYC would look absolutely beautiful this time of year!!! Wish we were there 😦
    Aren’t the presents in Tiffany wrapped gorgeously!? Not quite the same here in Australia.
    Chloe & Sarah

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