Versatile Blogger Award

Retrolillies was just nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Chelsea of My Good Morning! Chelsea posts lovely photos and DIY’s, and we’re so honored to have been chosen as one of her nominees.
The rules for being nominated are: Thank the blogger who gave you the award. Share 7 things about yourself. Give the award to as many as 15 people. Comment and tell your nominees of the nomination.

celebration lights

∞ Celebratory string lights ∞

  7 Things About Us:

  1. I’m a sucker for an outfit with a bohemian dress and booties.- Sara
  2. I’m addicted to green tea and drink four cups a day! – Chaya
  3. Brownies are my go to comfort food- love these. – Sara
  4. I’ve read the The Book Thief again and again, it’s so good! – Chaya
  5. I play piano, and love the River Flows In You by Yiruma. – Sara
  6. Audrey Hepburn + Jenna Lyons are my biggest fashion inspirations. – Chaya
  7. Blueberry French Toast is my best lazy-morning breakfast. – Sara

Nominated blogs: 1. The Garum Factory 2. Valleybrink Road 3. Walkairs 

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