By The Numbers


2012 has been an incredible year. We started Retrolillies on a whim in May, fueled by our desire to create a place where people (ourselves included) could visit to gain inspiration, and it’s grown at a quick rate, with over 14,000 all-time visitors, an average of at least 100 daily views, 79 posts and 300 comments.
We’re so thankful for all of your support and encouragement, and are excited for the changes and upgrades 2013 is sure to include.
Below, we’ve included pictures from 16 of our favorite posts this year. We have grand plans for Retrolillies, and we hope you’ll stick around to watch them come true.
Happy New Year’s!
Chaya and Sara

laced pink


vases + lillies

lemon peach pancakes

stripes on stripes

gallery wall

citrus tart







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