July 4th

In advance celebration of July 4th, the county holds a large and festive outdoor concert and fireworks blowout a week before.
Sitting there on a dark, grassy hill, listening to the booming fireworks and feeling the pounding in my chest was so peaceful, and elicited such pride in our country. The colors and shapes exploding in the air only added to the celebratory feeling.
I especially loved watching the smoke in the sky fade as other fireworks went off. It created a beautiful picture of collisions.
Today is the day we earned our independence. While we celebrate our country’s independence, let’s celebrate our own independence and individuality, too!

2 responses to “July 4th”

  1. I was so busy lately with camp, kids, and more kids, that I had no time to settle down on the computer for myself, (missing some of your posts.) So…. when I had a chance today, the 1st thing I did was go on your blog. You described this post so well! You really know how to write! All the posts (especially the 6 impossible things b4 breakfast!) Are so interesting. Thanx. Sarah W. (B.M.D)

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