Shopping for Inspiration

I love finding similar, but unique pieces in different stores and piecing together a pattern. When I’m looking for inspiration in freshening up my wardrobe, updating some of my accessories, or even choosing a nail color, I can always see what the trend in stores is and then make my own decisions based on what I like.
Right now, when going shopping, I’m seeing lots of flowery prints, watercolor designs, and bright stones and chains in jewelry.
What inspires you when you shop?

∞ Watercolor inspiration from Cluny, one of my favorite brands for unconventional blouses and dresses ∞

∞ Oversize stone cocktail ring: mixing neutrals + pastel ∞

∞ Brightly colored skinny belts to brighten up any solid blouse ∞

∞ A delicate vintage locket on a thin gold chain- ideal summer jewelry ∞

∞ Bright and satiny frocks in faintly flowery, painted prints ∞

∞ I’m loving this catchy lime color on a more classy navy backdrop ∞

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