Summer To-Do list

We’re always making grandiose plans for summer- and it’s not just us. Most everybody has a few things they want to accomplish, whether that’s finding time to try out a new Julia Child recipe, or revamping your bedroom decor.
Here are a few simple things we’d like to do sometime in the summer (and showcase on Retro Lillies).

We’ll probably post some more to-do lists in the future, so stay tuned!

∞ Make my own version of this amazing mini fruit and pastry cream tart ∞

∞ Find a stunning beach enclave like last year’s Newport, RI beach ∞

∞ Make mocha macarons! ∞

∞ Eat ice cream. A lot of it. ∞

∞ Get a bottle of polish in a bright color like this ‘Big Spender’ by Essie and incorporate into summer wardrobe ∞

∞ Go biking near a lake or on the beach ∞

We’d love to hear- what are some of the things you’re planning on getting done this summer?

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