DIY Flower Cones

I’m a big believer in fresh flowers: they can transform any space and breathe life into a lackluster room. Every week, we buy one or two new bouquets to place around the house, and the difference it makes, believe it or not, is pretty significant.
It’s not surprising, then, that flowers are one of my favorite parts of Shavuos. The tradition of decorating with fresh flowers is one that excites me every year, and this year, I’ll be decorating with these fresh flower cones.
They’re simple to make (in fact, a tutorial on how to make these seems kind of self-evident) but the appeal lies in how they look- their modern, minimalist style works as well hanging on a wall as it does adorning individual place settings. Just make sure you use tall, statement flowers and branches- you want these to stand out!
Enjoy and stay tuned for some more Shavuos themed posts!
x, Chaya

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DIY Flower Cones

You’ll need: 

  • a collection of flowers (I used purple carnations, white lilies, and baby’s breath)
  • rustic/fun/printed gift wrap
  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • flower cutting shears

1. Lay out your flowers. Using the flower cutting shears, trim them to desired lengths, and cut away any stray leaves, etc.

2. Put together a small bouquet of your desired flowers. Cut a large square of wrapping paper. Roll tightly into a long, tall cone. Tape together with washi tape. 
flower combinations

4. Place the bouquet into the flower cone. If the flowers are too tall, trim their lengths. Voila! The flower cones are done. Now hang them on a wall (simply punch a hole through the back of the cone, put some string through it, and adhere it to the wall with washi tape) place them at each place setting, or scatter them around the table for a fun look. 
DIY Flower Cones

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