Decks Restaurant

It’s funny how sometimes a good meal can become a great memory- especially when it’s a meal that took place in another country. My vacation in the north of Israel this past summer was filled with good food and better memories, but one dining experience really stands out for me, and that’s the night we ate at Decks Restaurant.
It’s situated on a deck off of the boardwalk, surrounded by tall, swaying palm trees, and the surroundings are enough to make the place seem magical, but it’s the giant outdoor tent which houses rustic wooden tables, lanterns, waterfalls, and string lights, that really creates the charm.
After we were seated at the water’s edge, we ordered appetizers to share. House made rosemary focaccia, (with a giant plate of hummus for dipping) a stack of freshly made onion rings with a sweet dipping sauce, and blue-fin tuna carpaccio, which was topped with leeks and shredded cucumbers to balance the brininess. I loved the carpaccio, as well as the onion stack, and our main dishes were just as tasty as our apps.
They cooked everything over an open fire/roasting oven, and our dishes were served to us over a closed platter of hot coals. I had barbecued lamb covered in a smoky, bourbon sauce that was the best I’ve had, and the salty truffle fries that we shared were crispy and fluffy, just like I like them.
After eating, we enjoyed the cruises coming to and fro and relaxed a little before ordering dessert. We chose lava cakes and apple pie a la mode to share, and it was the perfect sweet finale to our day.
I’d love to know- did you have any great meals that still stand out in your memory?

*Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food, besides for dessert. However, if you do a quick search for images, you’ll find a few.

palm trees

∞ Palm trees swaying in the breezy dusk ∞


∞ Lakeside seating for two ∞


∞ The Decks sign, in rustic yet modern iron lettering ∞


∞ A small, Decks owned cruise ship at the docks ∞


∞ Fresh apple pie a la mode with homemade vanilla bean ice cream ∞


∞ Nearby boardwalk lights reflected on the water at night ∞

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