Scalloped Bookmarks

Since both of us are big readers (as seen here), I wanted to make handmade bookmarks (out of material I used here) that would only enhance the joy of reading.
I thought for a while about the different possibilities- glitter, paints, and ombre shades of pink, but ruled out glitter because I didn’t relish the idea of sparkly books, paints because they’d undoubtedly mess up, and pink since I’d already used that. Then I hit upon it: scallops.  They’d be fun, and a nice twist on the traditional rectangular bookmark.
I printed out a scallop template online and made a couple of these, using a subtle cream  colored spray paint to disguise the pink color and turn it into an elegant cream hue. Now, I take one with me everywhere I go (including in my hand luggage on flights) so I’ll never have to memorize the page number I’m up to, only to forget it three minutes later.


1. You’ll need to lay out a scallop template, spray-paint, (glitter and glue if using), leather, strong scissors, and a circular tracing template (if using glitter).supplies

2. Using the scallop template (I cut off the edges of mine and taped them together), trace the outline onto the back of the leather. tracing

3. Cut out the tracings (depending on how many you made).cut out

4. Spray the bookmarks with spray paint according to the package instructions. Let dry. spray paint

5. If you’re using glitter, make a small circle outline using the circular tracing template, then dab glue in the middle and sprinkle glitter on.glitter

6. After all’s dry, the bookmarks are done. bookmarks2

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