Inspiration Board

Being that I like to keep things neat and organized, yet still need to have my various whimsical inspirations around, I knew I needed a quick, accessible solution that would look cute, be easy to convert when the mood hit, and fit into the scheme of my room.
Then I hit on it- an inspiration board. Designers, writers, and artists create inspiration boards (also known as mood boards) to house their vision of what they want their final collections or creations to turn out like.
They’re ridiculously easy (and fun) to make, and every time I walk by mine, I get re-inspired and invigorated about the things I love.

inspiration board

  • corkboard
  • pictures
  • swaths of material
  • quotes
  • inspirational paraphernalia
  • pushpins
  • key accessories

1.Start out by centering your board, or if it’s already up, take a few minutes to plan what you want the general layout of your inspiration board to look like. My current layout is all about the ways I want to incorporate this season’s trends into my closet. Collect a couple of outfit pictures that will inspire you when dressing and hang them up. Most of mine come from magazines- when I see an outfit I like, I grab scissors and cut.outfits

3. When choosing your quotes, make sure that they’re words that will inspire you anew each morning- quotes that don’t inspire you will quickly turn stale.

4. Place swaths of material, accessories, or trim that inspires you in strategic places. I hang my statement necklaces with pushpins and not only is it a great way to add sparkle, it’s also turns your jewelry into decor, instead of hiding it away.

*Your finished inspiration board should include all the things you’re currently loving. If you’re not happy with it, make tweaks, and adjust it until it’s exactly what you had in mind. As the days go on, you should add more objects and pictures until it’s full of the things you love.

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One thought on “Inspiration Board

  1. Rachel Schusterman on said:

    WoW! Your ideas are gr8!!

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